Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Doing the right thing

Posted to the Imbas mailing lists.

Imbas needs strong leadership. I'm incapable of providing that under current conditions. I should've realized this years ago, but inertia is a harsh mistress. If you'll pardon the Latin, mea maxima culpa. I could cite work, my husband's lack of same for several years, and various happenings in my spiritual life as explanations, but I don't judge them to be excuses.

That said, I resign as president of Imbas, effective immediately.

I appreciate the good will of those who are capable of sympathizing.

Those of you who are not are welcome to your opinions. I'm not claiming to be a victim or otherwise blameless, and I expect my reputation's not doing so well in some circles over the truth within what's been going on.

And if any choose to speak ill of me for this beyond the truth, may the gods bless you with what you deserve for it.

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