Monday, May 09, 2005

Faith, paganism, and blogging

Chasing the Dragon's Tale's Paul Chenoweth noted in his short summation of the faith-based blogger panel at BlogNashville that such work is in its infancy. La Shawn Barber, a fundamentalist Christian blogger, noted the presence of "non-evangelicals, a Jew, and someone who may be a theist" at the gathering. From her loose sketch of the participants, I would've been the lone polytheist had I shown up. This got me thinking about this blog's purpose and direction and how it might cause some people a little bit of confusion.

I have faith in several gods. I plan to write this blog from that perspective. Thus, I am a faith-based blogger by simple deduction. I know full well that a fair number of others who claim that title would find me doing so to be a bit strange. But I can't really suffer myself to worry about it. To use one of their pet phrases, all I can do is walk my talk to the best of my ability and go from there.

So, who and what am I, as I promised in my last post? I'm the president of Imbas, a Celtic pagan (subset reconstructionist/restorationist), and I've been wanting a space where I can discuss both Celtic paganism and my perspectives on the world in a slightly different fashion than I've been doing on my LiveJournal. I admit I'd thought about keeping my identity hidden here, but I would feel too restricted at times. I may wind up restricted by being up-front about who I am at others, but that's a different issue altogether.

I'll also touch more on some of the rough-draft thoughts later on. Today, your humble blogger is running a bit too tired to wax grandiloquent.

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