Friday, May 06, 2005

Getting this baby into better shape

While my odds of posting to this blog very often aren't too high, I do want to get it into better shape in case I decide to rev it up more. The Mudville Gazette was kind enough to put together a how-to on getting one's blog going, and I've been following some of his steps.

His "find your tribe" suggestion has me contemplating what my intention is going to be with this. I've set the subtitle to "Paganism and other maunderings" due to a suspicion I'd like a forum to do explorations of some of the aspects of my beliefs that I'm not sure I want to put elsewhere. But I have so many interests, I feel like I'm at risk of pigeonholing myself with that description. And are there enough pagan bloggers out there to make it worth my focus? Or maybe that's the point. There need to be more pagan bloggers. Especially ones who aren't ultra left-wing radicals. Someone has to speak for the vague center. And represent some of the non-Wiccans.

On that note, I'll do a "what the heck am I" post later.

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